Shameless Plug- Autistic Death Squad

Today’s post is a shameless plug of punk band ‘Autistic Death Squad‘, whose members, all AS/ASD, sing about preist scandals, women’s self-defense, the environment, and, of course, autistic self-advocacy. 

Some of their rough recordings (missing their bass, and in parts ad-libbed) can be found on youtube, such as No, Father Mackey, Doo Bop, and their signature anthem

They’ve released the lyrics, but no recording, for their response to the ongoing controversy over the Judge Rotenberg Center:

‘Shut Down the JRC’
Andre was just eighteen

hooked into a cruel machine

a device that was designed

to torture and to train his mind

on his waist the plastic box

sends a blinding blast of shocks

with a crash he hits the floor

strapped down gets thirty more

Nothing’s gonna stop it unless we do

we could stop the torture if we want to

Nobody’s gonna set it right

It’s time for us to fight

Let’s shut down the JRC tonight!

Andre sat upon the bed

staring straight and blank ahead

as his mother held his hand

and she tried to understand

for a decade while she wept

secrets told and secrets kept

dragged by law to light of day

see what they kept locked away



No way to stop the scream, 

the dystopian dreams

wretched rage and writhing on the floor 

see the trigger fingers itch, 

see the tortured bodies twitch

somebody flips the switch- how many more?

how many more, how many more must cry before