Link Roundup

Sometimes, we like to shamelessly re-blog what other groups and sites have written, and post them in one big round-up of material. This is the first such roundup.

Neurodivergent Sexuality Tumblr rocks our world for challenging the desexualization of freaks with their frank celebration of hot, steamy freak sex. Blog posts on consent, fetish, freak GLBTs, etc abound. Good times. We’d like to affirm the right of freak adults to give their legal consent; we have the right to make decisions about our bodies. No means no, and yes means yes.

The Common Cause anarchist collective released this video about ableism- in a world where too many anarchist and radical groups mention ableism only in passing, or, worse yet, flagrantly engage in it as a matter of course, it is refreshing and empowering to hear Common Cause discuss it- and their insights are keen, on the role of disabled workers in class relations, on the need for self-critique by radicals, and so much more. Bravo.

This post from Incorrect Pleasures, recently re-blogged at Shift, asks: How far can autistic [or indeed, any freak] culture develop, without excluding NTs? On our facebook page, it started a full-fledged discussion about freak-centric communes and enclaves. As one FLFer said: “I inhabit a lot of spectrums and it is apparent to me that if NTs are around, the NeuroDifferent are invariably seen in relation and comparison to them…and that is a problem.”

The Loud Hands Project aims to promote autistic self-expression and self-advocacy, and that’s awesome.

We mentioned it once before, but: Occupy Psychiatry. Oh yes. Oh, yes indeed.

Faith Rhyne keeps ‘Cloud Calling’. It is a blog. A blog….. of madness! And, other stuff. It’s a good thing.